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Take The Lead – A Challenge to Women – with Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, Author of Lean In

We are thrilled to announce that InPower Women has partnered with TaketheLead.com to host a keynote speech by Sheryl Sandberg – right on InPowerWomen.com! Sheryl will be joined by other heavy hitters in the women’s empowerment movement. Together they will discuss the challenges we face, and the opportunities we have. Please join us for the LIVESTREAM here on InPower Women on February 19, 2014 (8pm Eastern). Register now (free of charge) to receive reminders and special email invitations to a simultaneous Facebook and twitter chat moderated by InPower Women so your voice can be heard too! – InPower Editors

While we wait for the event, enjoy this interesting TED interview with Sheryl about what has happened since Lean In was published last year.

Don’t forget to register to join us here on InPowerWomen.com, Facebook and Twitter for the Livestream event!

PODCAST: InPower Interview with Jory des Jardins of Blogher


Jory des Jardins is an InPowerhouse. As one of the co-founders of BlogHer, she and her partners dedicated their business to helping empower women – personally and economically – and as a result, Blogher has become a hotbed of women on the web (full discloser, InPower Women shows up there from time to time!) Continue reading

The Real Reason Marissa Mayer Should Catch Flack

The same week Yahoo! rescinded teleworking policies for its employees, Best Buy did the same. Many pointed to the fact that Yahoo!’s working mom CEO got flack when Best Buy’s working dad CEO didn’t as unfair for gender inequity reasons. While I suspect that unfortunately Marissa Mayer was a better criticism target because she’s a woman/mom, I also think Yahoo! was a better target than Best Buy for pure branding reasons. Yahoo! builds exactly the kind of products designed to help work-at-home employees. On its face, then, Yahoo!’s rejection of such practices for its own employees looks like a brand misalignment. I mentioned this in a previous article and it generated a Twitter conversation that I thought deserved more than 140 characters. Continue reading

The Woman Effect: TEDx MassAveWomen Video & The Research Behind It

On December 3, 2012 I had the honor of speaking to a group of powerful women in Washington DC at a TEDx event, TEDxMassAveWomen. I’m very excited because I’ve long wanted to distill down what InPower Women’s about, into a simple but powerful video, and this gave me that chance (video below). Since so much of what we do here is research-based, however, there’s no way I can include all the appropriate research references in my talk, so I’ve decided to post them here, with a short synopsis of the argument of my talk. Also, posting it here means I didn’t have to turn my talk into a blathering of statistics and the information is still available!

The Stories of The Tragic Queen and the Underdog Princess

Continue reading

“I’m not ready yet…” An Equal Pay Gap Contributor?

I have a female client, J, transitioning careers who just woke up to how she’s getting in her own way – and mustering the courage to stop. This post celebrates her, and every other woman who’s decided to “get ready to be ready” to take that next step and talk up her achievements for the next job, instead of reinforcing for everyone around her how good a fit she is in her current job.

Research says that men are paid based on their potential while women are paid based on their performance and I believe this is a contributor to the equal pay gap. I used to find this curious but now I think I understand why. Most of the women I know are much more comfortable doing good work in their current job than they are talking up their accomplishments and what great capabilities they have for future opportunities.

While there’s nothing wrong with this desire to focus on getting the job done – on the surface – below the surface, it’s clear this is hurting us in more ways that a thinner wallet. Continue reading

Activating The Woman Effect

Follow The Woman Effect online - www.TheWomanEffect.com.

This last year blogging here on Reclaiming Leadership has been fun and fascinating. Along the way I found myself speaking to and with wonderful, powerful women. And I’ve also been having fun blogging on women’s web sites, like Blogher, The Glass Hammer, Success in the City and Owning Pink. But I wanted to have a place of my own to speak to women about the trends I see from reading the leadership research that many women – heads down in their career – don’t get a chance to see. So I’m starting a new leadership and professional development blog and website for powerful, high-achieving women.

Here’s my opening play: The Woman Effect (1:48 min video).

(Click here to embed video.)
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For those who like THIS blog, rest assured that my plan is to continue blogging here on the subjects of leadership, corporate culture, change management and teambuilding.

Thanks for all of you who have friended, followed, commented, discussed and debated with me over the last year. I’ve never had so much professional fun in my life and it’s only getting better!

What if Self-promotion is a Gender-Neutral Leadership Skill?

Follow The Woman Effect online - www.TheWomanEffect.com.

Sometimes true wisdom hides behind sensational headlines. I often think this when I read gender wars articles; you know, the ones that toss the sexes in the ring?

Here’s my latest beef: Women need to self-promote to make more money. (Forbes Woman , Catalyst Inc.)

So apparently women suck at self-promotion. Is that the deepest wisdom here?

I’m not arguing the data, but rather the interpretation.

True Leadership is Gender Neutral Continue reading

Work-Life Baloney

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A constant discussion topic among every professional woman I know – and no small number of men – used to be work-life balance. We judged ourselves and each other harshly when it came to our skill in balancing. In our 20’s it was secondary; in our 30’s it was a conundrum; and in our 40’s we made whatever adjustments were necessary and lived with the consequences as our careers developed and families expanded.

Most of us took on the leadership, entrepreneurial and volunteer challenges our choices left us with and succeeded. Somehow, most of us are still married and no one’s kids have gone to the dark side (though I suppose there is still time left;)

We survived and so did our families. This discussion is now old news. Continue reading

Authenticity is Your Ticket To the Top

Follow The Woman Effect online - www.TheWomanEffect.com.

I’m proud to share that I just had a major Op Ed piece posted to The Glass Hammer – a preeminent professional woman’s blog. Here’s a short summary and I encourage you to read the full article on The Glass Hammer for the executive coaching advice at the end.


There’s no snappy research study to prove that “just being yourself” is every woman’s ticket to upper management, but I believe it’s true. There’s a lot of research coming out that paints a dismal picture of women’s chances of getting into top leadership posts. This data, plus the ever present equal pay dilemma, makes it hard to find the silver lining in being a woman aspiring to leadership positions these days. However, there is a ton of evidence that women in leadership actually help companies perform better than those with fewer women up top.

Do you know what this means? This means we have it in us. We ARE the right stuff. We’re full of what our companies and economies need to succeed, and we balance the uber-testosterone leadership style that is currently responsible for putting our companies and economy at such risk.

I know this argument can be both terribly inspiring and a tad frightening. It’s easy to read the stats, but what do we DO? How do we “be authentic?” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Aren’t we already authentic? There are many ways to simply tap into your own power – your InPower – that’s already inside you. You don’t have to go anywhere to find it, all you have to do is confront a little fear, but there are techniques for doing that and it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Here are a few suggestions to get started. Read more…

The Girl Effect Is Everywhere

Follow The Woman Effect online - www.TheWomanEffect.com.

If you haven’t seen this video, watch it. Go ahead. I’ll wait. It’s amazing and inspiring.

The Girl Effect is a philanthropic movement to value girls and women in developing countries. Why girls? Because the stats show that when girls are valued by their culture poverty, illness and low education levels begin to recede – naturally – to be replaced by relative prosperity, health and education. (Watch the original Girl Effect video that makes this point and is equally inspiring.) Why? Because women invest their time, energy and resources differently than men – putting more energy into their families and their community, and this kind of energy investment pays off tangibly. Everyone benefits when women are supported – communities are transformed. NOT because men are evil, but because the value of men and women is out of whack in the developing world and when the balance is more equal, a strong women’s influence creates a healthier culture and economy. You can read some fascinating stats about this here on the Girl Effect site.

And guess what? This isn’t just a philanthropic effort anymore. The Girl Effect and others began to raise awareness on the impact of women a few years ago, and it got people’s attention. Just this month, the World Bank validated this way of looking at the economic benefits of valuing women in developing economies. All I can say is, it’s about damn time and GO GIRL EFFECT! Continue reading

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