Escape Death-by-Meeting: Toss the Agenda! [VIDEO]


How many death-by-meeting meetings have you been in already this week? My guess is that your answer is “too many!”

Meetings are the biggest time-wasters – and the most important collaboration opportunities we have in every day.  So here’s another question: How many death-by-meetings have you run this week?

Let’s get real. If you sit in killer meetings, you’re probably running them also. Why? Because you probably work in a culture that doesn’t value well-run meetings so you get lazy. But if you’re running a meeting, you’re the one in charge of making it a great use of everyone’s time.

Running the perfect meeting is an art, but there are some key principles and here’s the first one: Toss the agenda.

  • YES you should be focused.
  • YES people coming to the meeting should know why they’re there.
  • YES you should close the meeting when you’ve achieved your goal.

But you really don’t need an agenda for all that, all you need is a shared intention. With the power of a shared intention behind you, you can make meetings the secret to your career and leadership success. Here’s a short video to make my point:

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Tips for WorkLife Blending [VIDEO]

Last month, I moderated a great video discussion with Anne Loehr, leadership consultant, and Jasmine Watts, Editor of Miss Millenia Magazine about the reality of worklife blending across generations. It was a great discussion! Watch below and if you’d like to join in our next conversations about Women and Negotiation and Women in Leadership, register for the series!



Here are a few highlights from our discussion: Continue reading

Sidestepping the Peter Principle for Career Success [VIDEO]


Laurence J. Peter famously coined the management theory that everyone rises to their level of incompetence in his 1969 book, The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong. But rather than predicting that everyone must ultimately be promoted to a level where they will fail (the most common interpretation), Peter was really talking about the sad reality that many people who fail are promoted for the wrong reasons.

Watch this video preview of some InPower advice for how to sidestep the Peter Principle in your own career. Then register or login to the InPower Coffee Break Community to take the self-diagnostic and find out what personal development work you should be doing now to make sure your next promotion isn’t your last.


The Woman Effect: TEDx MassAveWomen Video & The Research Behind It

On December 3, 2012 I had the honor of speaking to a group of powerful women in Washington DC at a TEDx event, TEDxMassAveWomen. I’m very excited because I’ve long wanted to distill down what InPower Women’s about, into a simple but powerful video, and this gave me that chance (video below). Since so much of what we do here is research-based, however, there’s no way I can include all the appropriate research references in my talk, so I’ve decided to post them here, with a short synopsis of the argument of my talk. Also, posting it here means I didn’t have to turn my talk into a blathering of statistics and the information is still available!

The Stories of The Tragic Queen and the Underdog Princess

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Do You “Fake It” to Succeed? (Video)

The higher you go in any organization, the more the leadership culture tends to solidify around you. This increases – or decreases – the chances that you’ll fit in. Too many fast trackers see this as a reason to conform to the culture around them and thus too many end up feeling like they’re faking it and becoming inauthentic. Inauthentic leaders alienate the very people they’re trying to motivate and set themselves up for leadership failure and personal disappointment as they move farther and farther away from an authentic leadership presence; one that motivates both themselves and the people they work with.

This is true for women and men alike, but women have a special challenge. Quite often women don’t feel like we fit into the predominantly male leadership culture by virtue of the behaviors, attitudes and values that are fundamental to who we are. So quite often we end up “faking it” without even knowing it. The problem is that this catches up with us one way or another. Either we alienate people we work with, we alienate ourselves – or both. Don’t be “that gal,” the one that fakes it and fails.

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2013 Goal-setting Strategies for Work-Life Balance and Productivity (Part 3 – Video)

January 1st is coming fast!  If you’re like most of us, you’re knee-deep in year-end closing reports, next year budgets, family holiday planning and… stress! Work Life (much less balance!) at the end of the year is just crazy – largely because we’re scrambling to meet so many goals we set for ourselves (and those set by others). Even though it feels nutty, this is actually a good time to take a deep breath and think strategically about how we set our goals – for meetings, days, weeks and years – to help us reduce stress and increase productivity. In this three part video series, and December webinar on the subject, we’re looking at the power of Intention-setting (a strategic goal-setting approach) to do just that! Continue reading

2013 Goal-setting Strategies for Work-Life Balance and Productivity (Part 2 – Video)

If you haven’t started thinking about your goals for next 2013, you better get cracking!  In this three part video series, and December webinar on the subject, we’re evaluating what makes a good goal statement – the kind that is more likely to be achieved! Continue reading

5 Strategies for Leading with the 5 Whys

Most leadership books and gurus will tell you that leaders are learners and full of curiosity. Sometimes, this penchant can get you into trouble and – as many entrepreneurs learn the hard way – lead you traipsing off after some little bright shiny thing, letting your business languish. This kind of curiosity is the not good kind. But the good kind of curiosity takes you deeper, not far afield. It digs you into the root cause of the problem you need to fix – for your customers with a product, for your employees with an operational issue or for your investors for a financial issue.

How does one focus their curiosity to get to the bottom of the problem where the gold lies? Continue reading

Leadership Test: Integrity During The Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for all of us, when we struggle with work-life balance (or not) and work to serve our business and our families with equal gusto, too often at the expense of ourselves. Continue reading

What Does It Mean to “Speak Your Truth to Power”?

Speaking truth to power is an important professional development skill, but it’s also an important life skill. It’s the best way to live in total integrity – at home and at work – every day of your life. AND it’s a sure fire way to change the world around you in meaningful and important ways every time you speak. This particular skill has been critical in my own leadership journey, and that’s why I’ve done research on the subject and am offering a self-study eCourse on Speaking Truth to Power  to help my executive coaching clients (and you!) learn the subtle art of speaking your truth to power.

And it IS a subtle art!

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