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We help companies infuse their cultures with emotional intelligence by providing coaching resources in innovative formats that allow you to support 100% of your employees personally, affordably and globally. All our programming is optimized to support “high value/at risk” mid-level employees such as women and millennials.

Halima2Before I started working with InPower Coaching techniques I was struggling with confidently getting my ideas across and standing for them without appearing to be aggressive or authoritarian. My communication patterns made it difficult for me to work effectively in a team. It was seriously affecting my personal and professional relations. Fundamentally my life changed after my 2nd InPower session. Using InPower Coaching strategies, I realized that my communication shapes how I am perceived by the people I interact with. I now react to people very differently and people in my personal and professional life seem delighted to talk with me – even if we disagree! I am totally in control of my emotions and communicate clearly with confidence during my meetings with senior officials. My close relatives, my supervisor and my colleagues wished I had done this work before! – L.H.G. Economist & International Development Program Analyst

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The InPower Leadership Development Model

1-Personal Mastery for SuccessFoundational practices for gaining emotional balance and mindfulness. Personal energy management skills that support productivity and goal-setting.

2-Personal Branding & Presence

Insightful practices to connect personal and professional goals, establish an authentic leadership style and develop a personal network.

3- Communications & Relationship Management

Key skills to communicate clearly, give/receive feedback and transform conflict support more advanced approaches to relationship development and negotiation.

4-Mastering Change

InPowered approaches to enroll, motivate and guide others through change, including managing group energy by building on personal mastery practices.

5- Cultural Stewardship

Principle-based leadership practices to establish and enrich a healthy culture, lead at a higher level and develop other leaders.

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Dana Theus
President & CEO
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Your company’s human eco-system is your greatest asset, but if you haven’t brought out the power lying within every person in it, you’re operating at below 100% capacity. ~Dana Theus, President & CEO


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We're dedicated to supporting leaders driven to fuel their professional success through their personal development. InPower Consulting offers unique soft-skills development programs, team dynamics seminars, and leadership development workshops.

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The PRIMES instantly make any leader and any team smarter. We use The PRIMES as a basis for all our leadership development courses and change management trainings.

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